V-Care Kegel Set (3pcs)

V-Care Kegel Set (3pcs)


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Made of silicone material, environmental and safe
3 differently shaped balls to help tighten
Only two vaginal balls have stainless steel balls inside, the largest one does not
Exercise the vaginal muscles to help the contractions
Enhance the flexibility of the vaginal muscles and improve vaginal sensitivity
Helps prevent postpartum vaginal urinary incontinence
An intimate partner for couples to enjoy sex


Color: Pink
Material: Silicone + Stainless steel
Fit for: Female
Quantity: 3Pcs
Size (D*L): 32mm*170mm (Large Size); 29*170mm (Medium Size); 25mm*170mm (Small Size)
Package Dimensions: 95*120*160mm
Weight: 231.0g

Package Included:

1 × 3Pcs Shrink Vaginal Ball Set